We are very excited to announce a set of expansions which will greatly increase our coverage area in Benzie County, providing our reputable high performance wireless connections to those in ‘underserved’ and ‘unserved’ areas. As a local member of the community, Eclipse Communications is dedicated to developing our infrastructure and bringing technology to those forsaken by the larger national companies.

Our connections are wirelessly delivered, but they are not the same as a cellular or satellite connection, they are vastly superior and offer many great features such as: No contracts, No data limits, No penalties for usage, and full support for streaming and online gaming. Not only are our connections amazing, they are professionally installed by people who take pride in their work, with the highest level of attention paid to the visual appeal of the installation.

In addition to coverage area, we are very pleased to have a new fiber backbone installed to handle the data transport requirements of our community. Benzie County is set for new and exciting developments in access to technology, and we are beyond elated to be able to set the stage and open up access to the technological world.