One of my devices is not connecting to the wifi

Some older devices cannot connect to wifi; if possible, use an Ethernet cable to connect. Otherwise, the wireless on your device may be turned off. You can just look for a wireless switch on the device or go into the settings to turn it on.

I can no longer see my network name on my devices

Check that the router is plugged in and that the power is on. Also, check that the default network name is not broadcasting; if it is, then the router has been reset**

I am connected to my network but cannot access the internet

Check that the antenna’s power unit (PoE) is plugged in and has a white light. Check that the cable from the power unit to the router is plugged into a LAN port. Ensure all Ethernet cables are firmly plugged in.

My antenna and router are connected perfectly, but I have no internet

If everything looks fine at your home, call, and we can look at your antenna remotely. If there have been power outages in the area, it may have knocked out power to the tower, and our backup batteries may be spent.

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