We are very pleased to announce that our long-awaited fiber backbone in Benzie County, MI is now complete! As a locally owned WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) in Benzie County, our services focus on providing Internet access to the people in Benzie County who are lacking access to high performance broadband options. Very large areas of Benzie County are un-served (meaning no acceptable broadband options) or under-served (meaning there is one option) in terms of high performance connectivity – satellite and cellular are not considering high performance broadband. This fiber connection will serve as the backbone of our service platform, granting the performance and capacity needed to expand our services deeper into Benzie County.

Our services exceed cable internet offerings in performance, stability, consistency, up-time, customer support and flexibility with no contracts and no data limits and set prices. Though performance is important, our connections are installed by credentialed and experienced technicians, and our customer support is is vastly superior to that which people receive for cable or DSL connections. As a member of our community, our investment into communications and technology in Benzie County is iron-clad.

We will be releasing new service offerings, and providing performance options that are not available through any other provider in our region. We have big plans for 2018, our expansions will be swift and numerous as we seek to continue developing communications infrastructure in Benzie County, and responding to the needs of our community. Additional fiber connections are in the works as well as large integration projects with our partners in Benzie County.

We provide a large variety of services!