Fast, Reliable Business Internet Service


Business Internet Service You Can Count On

All Plans Include

Weather Resistant

Our internet is less affected by weather than satellite or LTE connections—no more rain delays.

No Contracts

We feel our service is so good we don’t need to trap customers with contracts. The service is billed monthly.

Not Data Limits

That means there is no limit on how much connection you can use! No data caps, no penalties, no throttling.

Fast, Reliable Internet Plans

Custom enterprise speed plans are available for your business if you believe the speed plans above would not meet the needs of your business. Please let us know on our online form or call us at 231-421-6279.

Installation Costs

We think about different things when we put in an internet connection. Some installations are easy, and some require special tools or a higher mount point. Things like how far the tower is, how tall it is, and if there are trees nearby all play a part in how we install the system. We provide a free site survey to help us understand what we need for your installation and give you an idea of the cost.

Additional Costs

Our Routers – $75

Cable over 75 ft.  – $0.50 per ft.

Boom Lift – $75


$245/one-time cost
  • Covers More Powerful Hardware
  • Labor Costs
  • 75ft. of Free Cable
  • Connecting Main Devices to the Internet

Keep Your Business Running with 99.9 % Up Time

At Eclipse, we understand how vital the reliable business internet service is to running a business. That’s why our customers enjoy the benefits of ultra-fast broadband and optimal uptime – guaranteed! With 99.9 percent uptime power, you can rest assured that accessing capabilities or applications quickly and with minimal interruption couldn’t be simpler. In addition, your customers won’t notice any hiccups in service either when you choose Eclipse! This functionality ensures business continuity with less worry and worry-free client connection. No matter the issue, count on us to give you the level of reliability yourersumers need and expect!

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"Does weather or wind affect the signal?"

No, not really. Borrowing from the USPS saying: Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stops these antennas from a fast, consistent connection.

"Is there a limit to how much data I can use, like with satellite or cellular?"

There is absolutely NO throttling or data caps. So stream movies, play games, work, and connect with people to your heart’s content.

"Is this like a satellite or cellular connection?"

Not at all; your days of buffering and disconnects are over. Eclipse uses top-level industry equipment specially designed to provide broadband-level speeds wirelessly. In addition, different areas of the wireless spectrum are used compared to satellite and cellular.

"What about 5G?"

5G (Not to be confused with 5GHz) is exciting for the future, but the technology involved has hurdles to overcome. The frequencies used are extremely short, requiring many more towers to be constructed, and due to our topography, that will be difficult to complete and very expensive.

Get the most out of your VoIP phone service.

Don’t let lousy reception be an obstacle in your business any longer – Eclipse Communications is here to revolutionize the VoIP services industry! Our customizable features allow tailored solutions with no pushy salespeople or hidden fees. Experience reliable communication channels on a flexible platform, designed just for you!

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