We are very pleased to announce the acquisition of M-22 Project / Arcadia Everywhere, a local WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) as of December 9th, 2019. The impact that this acquisition will have on our broadband development efforts in northwest Michigan is highly significant.

In relation to our core infrastructure investment in Benzie County, this acquisition greatly diversifies our holdings – granting immediate expansion opportunities through the addition of existing pre-developed mid-mile transport and last-mile distribution facilities to our network. In terms of logical progression to the size and scope of network, this acquisition fully advances our public development strategy by a full two years in a mid-tier growth estimation.

Regarding our partnership with Benzie County, we mark the highest level of commitment thus far in taking on this opportunity to complete an acquisition that synergizes with our shared broadband development objectives. Not only a remarkable advancement for us as a company, but an achievement that greatly advances the network development timeline and constructs a narrative of success that will bolster all future development in Benzie County and NW Michigan as a whole.

We are very excited to explore the opportunities afforded to us by acquiring M-22 Project /Arcadia Everywhere, there is a tremendous amount of work to do and we will work with the highest efficiency possible to complete our upgrade projects and bring new expansions online. This will be an extremely busy winter indeed. Look for news soon of upcoming expansions on both our website and on our FB page:

We would like to thank DGN Advisory and Brian T. Breneman CPA CGMA et al. for the leadership, professional services and professional development services in representing our interests during the negotiations and in the development of the framework necessary to complete such a purchase. Brian provided the leadership, technical understanding, tools and wisdom that we found absolutely indispensable during this acquisition. If we move down such a road again, DGN Advisory will be the first to be called upon.

We would like to thank Venture North and its Executive Director – Laura Galbraith et al. for providing the financial assistance, fiduciary insight and general assistance in making this acquisition possible. Laura and her team have been amazing to work with and we look forward to presenting them new opportunities as we grow and expand. Laura and her organization operate with a mission statement and philosophy that we feel is conducive to growth and community development through Northern Michigan.

Thank you to Benzie County, both in respect to our partnership in achieving development objectives important to social and economic development, and outside the partnership – to all of the amazing people that have supported us or otherwise contributed to our success. We are very fortunate to have such hard-working and experienced people behind us. We stand ready to offer the technical leadership, vision and resources Benzie County needs to develop and sustain high-end broadband networks.

To our connected future!

Eclipse Communications