We are excited to announce our latest expansion, the Crystal Lake Tower is now in active development! Our contract for the tower was approved last night, procurement begins next week and we begin deployment in early-mid October. We have been working hard all year to develop expansions to our broadband services in Benzie County, we have and will continue to uphold our commitment to develop any and all avenues to expand our services and reach as many people as possible.

Eclipse Communications is dedicated to investing in and developing permanent high performance broadband infrastructure in Benzie County. We tout the ability to engineer and deploy our network in-house, this allows us to independently develop and support a network architecture purpose built for the delivery of high performance connectivity and focus the delivery of these services directly to the people that need it. Our connections are comparable to, and superior in some ways, to cable connections. Allowing us to offer uncompromising quality, internet connections without contract, without caps and additional costs, capable of supporting our all of our client’s expectations in 2018 and beyond.

We would like to thank Frankfort City County Airport Authority, for the opportunity to expand our infrastructure into Crystal Lake Township. This is a excellent expansion to our network and will greatly benefit many people in Benzie County who lack access to quality broadband services.

The project is underway, please contact us for more information and get on the contact list for when we begin deployment! https://www.eclipse-communications.com/contact-us/. We are looking to generate as much interest as possible!