We are pleased to announce the upcoming expansion of our wireless internet services to Benzonia Township as well as the deployment of another high performance fiber connection in Benzie County! Eclipse Communications, being a locally owned and operated company, is committed to delivering powerful new options to our communities, long ago disregarded and forgotten by the large Internet service providers or avoided as ‘too-difficult’ by less-capable companies.

Much of the initial preparation for this expansion was completed in late 2017, at about the time that our 2017 capstone projects had completed, ensuring the foundation was in place and that expansion could therefore start immediately. The new fiber connection will be brought into Benzonia, this process requires a range of tasks from permitting and easement work to the installation of conduit and support infrastructure ending in the splicing and lighting of the new fiber connection. This aspect of the project will take some time and during this timeframe we will be installing our transport/distribution equipment as well as developing propagation studies of the surrounding area. The tower will be ready to go before the fiber work is complete, allowing us to immediately install or pre-install connections which is important due to the large amount of interest we receive.

Our dedication to expansion and development has been extremely well received by local businesses, local government officials and business development organizations. We greatly appreciate this support and are channeling it towards a very aggressive expansion schedule. There are many talented and dedicated people working to the best of their ability to smooth the path forward and arm us with the support we need to reach our highest level of potential as quickly as possible.