We are very pleased to announce our latest expansion to our broadband network, the Benzonia tower is now operational! This expansion was accompanied by another large project, the provisioning of another high performance fiber backbone in Benzie County. We spared no expense bringing this tower online, it is equipped with the latest generation wireless equipment with access to Benzie County’s fastest fiber connection.

We offer high-performance, guaranteed-speed, no contract, no data cap, no throttling broadband connections. Our connections can handle anything: streaming movies/shows (Netflix for example), online gaming and VPNs/remote work requirements. We offer business and enterprise class connectivity options as well. All of our services are backed with the highest level technical and customer support provided by in-house IT professionals.

We have an aggressive roadmap in place as we continue to build out our network and bring broadband connectivity to Benzie County. The Benzonia tower is a core component of our expansion plans, serving to provide not only coverage of a difficult-to-service area but also provide the transport we need to reach other parts of the county.

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