We are pleased to announce the latest expansion to our Benzie County core network. Located centrally in Benzie County, this new tower greatly expands our service area while providing us several excellent transport options to other areas in the County. In fact, we have been so busy installing new internet connections that we delayed announcing the expansion – which was completed in June 2019.

This latest core expansions provides over 20 square miles of new coverage and nearly 26 square miles of overlapping coverage. Though expansion into new areas is important, we also place priority on overlapping coverage due to the topography of Benzie County. The prominence of hills and trees creates many unique challenges to providing widely accessible internet service, overlapping coverage is important to overcoming these challenges.

Between the rapid expansions we have announced over the last year, we have been hard at work securing three key developments that will accelerate our growth and our overall ability to expand and provide broadband connectivity to Benzie County. The announcement of this expansion precedes a large business development which we hope to announce soon.

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