It has been a blustery cold winter, but that has not stopped us from completing a long sought after expansion in Benzie County earlier this year. Following on the heels of this early 2019 expansion we have just completed another expansion on March 4th. These latest projects are milestones in our strategic plan to expand our high performance broadband network across Benzie County. We have now surpassed a little over one year of primary core development, commissioning two high performance fiber connections and completing five expansions. Compared to our industry counterparts downstate in Michigan and in surrounding states, our expansion rate stands at about 300% relative to company size, demonstrating our capability to rapidly address broadband concerns throughout Benzie County. Though we have already established significant core infrastructure in Benzie County, we look forward to further core network development throughout 2019 in parallel to greatly expanded County coverage.

We are directly working with several local Township and County officials, offering the technical expertise and leadership necessary to develop a network that fulfills everyone’s expectations. It is through mutual cooperation and the synergy therein by which the greatest results will be achieved. As we seek to reach out and develop new relationships and partnerships, we will continue the rapid deployment of our services. There are many more expansions in development, including other business development initiatives that will rapidly evolve and expand our service availability in other ways.

There are several reasons by which large portions of Benzie County are still lacking quality broadband options: from intentionally being passed over due to topographical difficulty, being ignored by large internet providers due to lack of profitability, to incorrect and inconsistent reporting by state-level organizations or initiatives. For many companies however – a shared problem; solvency when developing infrastructure especially when not grant-funded or otherwise subsidized. This fact eliminates nearly all large corporations from making any meaningful impact via expansion of infrastructure. Eclipse Communications is one of the very few companies in greater NW Michigan built organically and able to operate/expand without external help.

For Eclipse Communications, there never was a decision to make – we are well on our way towards developing a comprehensive broadband network for Benzie County and the surrounding region.