Custom Managed Services

Managed Services customized for your business

Custom Managed Services

Your business is unlike any other, so why should you be treated like everyone else? All companies exist along a continuum, some are growing and scaling their IT infrastructure while others are supporting their current infrastructure until a forecasted milestone is reached. We recognize that all companies have unique needs, and we provide customized Managed Services platforms designed for ‘best fit’ while ensuring the best value and cost-effectiveness can be achieved. We do this by engaging with you, learning about your company’s operations, and advising you on what services we feel support your business’s objectives.

You may very well not need a full suite of services, or perhaps you would like to step into Managed Services to see how it works for you before moving forward with it. As your IT partner, we offer base foundations by which components can be added or bundled together to meet your needs.

Please contact us for a free site survey – basic assessment, we will meet with you for as long as you like (there’s no rush!), perform a walkthrough of your company’s facilities, perform a basic analysis of your infrastructure and meet with your management or appointed employees to learn more about your company. We want to ensure that as your partner, we are performing our due diligence in ensuring our services are right for you.

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Engaging & Advising

By engaging and advising your business,
we deploy cost-effective solutions that work for both you and your company.

Customized Managed Services

Completely Customizable

Whether you are a large enterprise or a small business, we measure our success on how well your needs were met while driving innovation and controlling costs. There are times when a package of services is relevant for a client, we make it a point to not lump you into a set class of business.

Informed Decision-making

We make it a point to assist our clients in making an informed decision, we not only assess your current operational environment, we help you understand where your company stands and  what it needs to be to achieve your objectives. Knowledge is power, and of equal importance to Managed Services as the services themselves.


As your business grows and your needs change, your Managed Services can be augmented to include additional capabilities. Information Technology is a lifecycle, we will work with you in assessing your growth and requirements and help you choose what is right for your company.

Cost Effective

The success of your company directly dictates the success of our company, we strive to integrate and support your technology to best achieve your goals. We price our services to make them accessible and affordable.

We offer an extensive selection of components, including add-ons to managed services. Our goal is to ensure you receive the highest value possible for your investment through the meaningful application of process, procedure and technology.

Server management Ticket portal access User account management Asset management
Network printer management CRUCIAL MONITORING Strategic Planning / Fractional CIO
Smartphones Server Monitoring Internet connectivity monitoring Office suite application support
Network Management Managed Antivirus Managed Updates 3rd Party Management
Firewall Management Managed Backup Server storage monitoring Disaster Recovery
Proactive Desktop Services Documentation and Reports
Desktop Monitoring/Updating Complete Desktop Support

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