Strategic Planning

Every business needs to have goals set, and Eclipse can help you set them.

Goal Setting

Every business needs to have goals set, and needs to understand how to ensure its business objectives are driving Information Technology to support those objectives. Information technology has the potential to greatly impact a business’s trajectory, understanding and leveraging strategic IT planning is crucial step for a company to take. Our IT planning and strategy consulting services are designed to help your company reach those objectives by leveraging your IT infrastructure from a position of informed decision-making.

**musing – These are senior level professional consulting services which add a layer in between IT and management. Perhaps and elegant version of this page is befitting the content**


(Information Technology Organizational Infrastructure Plan)

Our customized in-house developed assessment and analysis methodology designed to provide near-term, short-term and mod-term strategic roadmap. Developed to leverage business case analysis and infrastructure investment with the goal of shifting business and IT into closer alignment while remaining cost-effective.


(Strategic Growth Management)

A risk analysis and investment framework designed to achieve maximum cost effectiveness and longevity to infrastructure investment, treating IT as an asset and a means to cost-control and logically as a profit-motivator.

Professional IT Management

Providing access to IT concept maturity through infrastructure posture assessment, we act as a liaison between the management team or business Principles through coordination and external professional insight into IT operations and infrastructure investment. Liaison services serve to develop and orient company employee culture driving adoption and adaption to change, employee buy-in, and organizational politics seeking to proliferate understanding, inter-department teamwork, and acceptance as a means to achieve innovation.

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