Residential VOIP Service Plans

Get the best Voice Over Internet Phones for only 29.95 a month

No Hidden Fees

The price on the plan you pick is the price you pay. With Eclipse Communications as your VoIP provider you can know there are no hidden fees, ever. 

No Contracts

Other VoIP providers make customers sign contracts with sneaky clauses locking customers into an unfair deal for a long time. At Eclipse Communications we believe our VoIP is so good we don’t need a contract to keep customers.

Top Quality Support

Problems or questions? Our professional technicians will be there to answer your call. No matter your situation our trained staff will help resolve your issue.

Reliable Home Phone Service

VoIP Cost

The average cost of a traditional landline is $42 a month. Cut the cost of a landline nearly in half with our residential VoIP service! Get all the convivence of a landline for half the cost with Eclipse Communications VoIP Service.

VoIP Installation

Our team of professional technicians will install your VoIP for you, so you know everything is setup correctly. We place a heavy emphasis on aesthetics. Trust that your VoIP system will look as good as it works!

"Eclipse Communications is a true example of the type of business that everyone wants to work with: accountable and responsible, with a superior work ethic and a high degree of integrity and technical experience"

- Mr. Stone




We strive to give our customers as much value as possible. With Eclipse Communications you can create a VoIP that fits seemly into your life. Get voicemails directly to your mobile phone or setup custom voicemail greetings from anywhere. Our VoIP system allows you to get calls where ever you are and puts you in the drivers set of your home communication.


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