16 Mar

Benzie County Broadband Development


It has been a blustery cold winter, but that has not stopped us from completing a long sought after expansion in Benzie County earlier this year. Following on the heels of this early 2019 expansion we have just completed another expansion on March 4th. These latest projects are milestones in our strategic plan to expand our high performance broadband network across Benzie County. We have now surpassed a little over one year of primary core development, commissioning two high performance fiber connections and completing five expansions. Compared to our industry counterparts downstate in Michigan and in surrounding states, our expansion rate stands at about 300% relative to company size, demonstrating our capability to rapidly address broadband concerns throughout Benzie County. Though we have already established significant core infrastructure in Benzie County, we look forward to further core network development throughout 2019 in parallel to greatly expanded County coverage.

We are directly working with several local Township and County officials, offering the technical expertise and leadership necessary to develop a network that fulfills everyone’s expectations. It is through mutual cooperation and the synergy therein by which the greatest results will be achieved. As we seek to reach out and develop new relationships and partnerships, we will continue the rapid deployment of our services. There are many more expansions in development, including other business development initiatives that will rapidly evolve and expand our service availability in other ways.

There are several reasons by which large portions of Benzie County are still lacking quality broadband options: from intentionally being passed over due to topographical difficulty, being ignored by large internet providers due to lack of profitability, to incorrect and inconsistent reporting by state-level organizations or initiatives. For many companies however – a shared problem; solvency when developing infrastructure especially when not grant-funded or otherwise subsidized. This fact eliminates nearly all large corporations from making any meaningful impact via expansion of infrastructure. Eclipse Communications is one of the very few companies in greater NW Michigan built organically and able to operate/expand without external help.

For Eclipse Communications, there never was a decision to make – we are well on our way towards developing a comprehensive broadband network for Benzie County and the surrounding region.


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02 Dec

Crystal Lake Township Broadband Expansion!


Eclipse Communications is pleased to announce the expansion of our wireless broadband services to Crystal Lake Township. We would like to extend our appreciation to those who supported us over the last year as we worked with the Frankfort Airport Authority to bring this expansion into reality. We would like to thank the Airport Authority and the Graves family for the opportunity to use the tower in support of our efforts to develop broadband infrastructure in Benzie County.

This new tower provides us coverage in areas of Benzie County that are difficult to reach, also well as new opportunities to work with local area organizations and residents who have expressed interest in working with us. We will be able to reach large portions of unserved and under-served rural Benzie County, provide competitive broadband options for people who already have broadband such as cable internet, and provide advanced services not available by any other internet provider in NW Michigan. Many of these new opportunities have been in the works in parallel to the expansion project.

We will further develop this expansion by adding additional equipment to the tower as work progresses in the area. We generally install a standard loadout of equipment on a tower, and afterwards refine the tower as we spend time in the area around the tower. Essentially, we customize a tower specifically for each area in order to provide the most comprehensive coverage possible.

We would like to thank Matt Johnson and his company, Lakeshore Electric, for the fantastic electrical work performed under our demanding schedule. It is appreciated!

Eclipse Communications is dedicated to the continued and sustained development of communications infrastructure in Benzie County and we look forward to working with Benzie County, our local townships and local business development organizations.

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*Eclipse Communications is a locally owned and operated WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider), IT consulting, and Managed IT Services company located in Benzonia, MI.



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28 Sep

Crystal Lake Township Broadband Expansion


We are excited to announce our latest expansion, the Crystal Lake Tower is now in active development! Our contract for the tower was approved last night, procurement begins next week and we begin deployment in early-mid October. We have been working hard all year to develop expansions to our broadband services in Benzie County, we have and will continue to uphold our commitment to develop any and all avenues to expand our services and reach as many people as possible.

Eclipse Communications is dedicated to investing in and developing permanent high performance broadband infrastructure in Benzie County. We tout the ability to engineer and deploy our network in-house, this allows us to independently develop and support a network architecture purpose built for the delivery of high performance connectivity and focus the delivery of these services directly to the people that need it. Our connections are comparable to, and superior in some ways, to cable connections. Allowing us to offer uncompromising quality, internet connections without contract, without caps and additional costs, capable of supporting our all of our client’s expectations in 2018 and beyond.

We would like to thank Frankfort City County Airport Authority, for the opportunity to expand our infrastructure into Crystal Lake Township. This is a excellent expansion to our network and will greatly benefit many people in Benzie County who lack access to quality broadband services.

The project is underway, please contact us for more information and get on the contact list for when we begin deployment! We are looking to generate as much interest as possible!

Please visit us on Facebook for more information.

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11 Aug

Benzonia Tower Online!


We are very pleased to announce our latest expansion to our broadband network, the Benzonia tower is now operational! This expansion was accompanied by another large project, the provisioning of another high performance fiber backbone in Benzie County. We spared no expense bringing this tower online, it is equipped with the latest generation wireless equipment with access to Benzie County’s fastest fiber connection.

We offer high-performance, guaranteed-speed, no contract, no data cap, no throttling broadband connections. Our connections can handle anything: streaming movies/shows (Netflix for example), online gaming and VPNs/remote work requirements. We offer business and enterprise class connectivity options as well. All of our services are backed with the highest level technical and customer support provided by in-house IT professionals.

We have an aggressive roadmap in place as we continue to build out our network and bring broadband connectivity to Benzie County. The Benzonia tower is a core component of our expansion plans, serving to provide not only coverage of a difficult-to-service area but also provide the transport we need to reach other parts of the county.

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Tired of your current provider? Runarounds wasting your time? Check out our options and contact us to see if you are serviceable.

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04 Feb

Richard Macrae joins Eclipse Communications!


We are very pleased to announce that Richard Macrae has joined our team! Richard is a highly intelligent individual with a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology and experience in IT operations, IT service delivery and systems analysis. Richard will play a key role in the development of Eclipse Communications, and work in a variety of capacities such as Managed Services, IT consulting and installation of our wireless internet services. He will also be responsible for researching and co-developing our various services as we scale our operations up.

Eclipse Communications is a locally owned and operated company based in Benzonia, MI. We are dedicated to developing infrastructure throughout Benzie County, but also in providing opportunities to local members of our community. As a locally owned and operated company, it is our belief that Benzie County’s growth and success is based on developing not only our local business and infrastructure, but also each other by providing opportunities and empowerment to each other. Richard is a Benzie County native, and we are excited to see the impact he has on our community.

Please join us in welcoming Richard to the team!

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25 Jan

Eclipse Communications and TKS Security announce Technology & Integration Partnership!


We would like to announce that Eclipse Communications has joined with TKS Security under a Technology and Integration Partnership! As a locally owned company, we are excited to partner with another local company who shares our core values and principles towards technology. Although we provide many services and take pride in being able to deliver on all our commitments, it is important to us that if we find we are not able to provide the solution that our client is looking for that we can point them in the right direction and make a solid recommendation.

As an MSP (Managed Services Provider) we are routinely asked to advise on, repair or upgrade security systems and access control systems. We recognize that our service offerings are limited within the scope of these systems, this new partnership allows us to work alongside TKS Security, and together ensure our mutual client receives a cost effective and customized solution to their needs. This partnership will also enhance our company’s ability to connect you with highly experienced professionals with whom we have already vetted, worked with, and trust.

This partnership has been a long time coming, our respective companies knew of each other’s services and reputation for several years with the owners of each company knowing each other since 2007. Together, we look forward to new challenges and new opportunities as we seek to deliver the highest level of service possible.

About TKS Security: TKS Security provides commercial and residential access control, monitoring, security and alarms services and is based in Traverse City, MI. Please visit their website!

About Eclipse Communications: Eclipse Communications is a WISP (Wireless Internet Service provider), MSP (Managed Services Provider) and IT Consulting company based in Benzonia, MI. Visit our site!

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20 Jan

Benzonia Township Internet Service Expansion


We are pleased to announce the upcoming expansion of our wireless internet services to Benzonia Township as well as the deployment of another high performance fiber connection in Benzie County! Eclipse Communications, being a locally owned and operated company, is committed to delivering powerful new options to our communities, long ago disregarded and forgotten by the large Internet service providers or avoided as ‘too-difficult’ by less-capable companies.

Much of the initial preparation for this expansion was completed in late 2017, at about the time that our 2017 capstone projects had completed, ensuring the foundation was in place and that expansion could therefore start immediately. The new fiber connection will be brought into Benzonia, this process requires a range of tasks from permitting and easement work to the installation of conduit and support infrastructure ending in the splicing and lighting of the new fiber connection. This aspect of the project will take some time and during this timeframe we will be installing our transport/distribution equipment as well as developing propagation studies of the surrounding area. The tower will be ready to go before the fiber work is complete, allowing us to immediately install or pre-install connections which is important due to the large amount of interest we receive.

Our dedication to expansion and development has been extremely well received by local businesses, local government officials and business development organizations. We greatly appreciate this support and are channeling it towards a very aggressive expansion schedule. There are many talented and dedicated people working to the best of their ability to smooth the path forward and arm us with the support we need to reach our highest level of potential as quickly as possible.

The project is underway, please contact us for more information and get on the contact list for when we begin deployment! We are looking to generate as much interest as possible!

There are MANY more service developments and internet service expansions well on their way down the pipeline. Stay tuned.

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20 Dec

Hayden Northrup starts his internship!


We are very pleased to announce that Hayden Northrup has joined Eclipse Communications! Hayden is nearly finished with his Associates Degree in Computer Technology-Infrastructure and is currently a student at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City, MI. Hayden is a young aspiring IT Technician and we are very pleased to offer him an internship to gain unique experience and knowledge through our wide array of service offerings as well as meeting and working with several talented individuals and companies. We were excited to learn upon meeting Hayden that he is an Eagle Scout with Troop 30, with his Eagle Project involving his mentoring of Cub Scouts as Den Chief.

Our new internship program is unique, providing constant hands-on experience in systems and network infrastructure, managed IT services, applied technology and business-IT relations. We believe that our position as a local WISP and IT consulting company will provide great opportunities to individuals seeking to enter the field of Information Technology. Eclipse Communications is dedicated to providing opportunities to our local community, and seeks to continue developing our presence in the community as Northwest Michigan’s leader in communications infrastructure and services.

Please join us on Facebook in welcoming Hayden!

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08 Dec

Wireless Broadband Expansion in Honor, MI!


We are delighted to announce the expansion of our high speed broadband services from our new communications tower online in Honor, MI. The activation of this new tower required the completion of many prerequisites, from small tasks to larger multi-month projects – such as pulling permits, existing network upgrades, installation of secondary towers and provisioning a new fiber backbone. This new tower expands our ability to provide high performance internet connections by increasing our coverage area as well as allowing us to expand more easily in the future. As a locally owned internet service provider, we are dedicated to not only bringing our high performance connections out to areas that do not have adequate internet service options, but also in providing a new option to local residents who are disappointed with their current provider and looking for options.

The completion of this new tower signifies our commitment to Benzie County residents, businesses and stakeholders that we are working towards increasing our investment into infrastructure and communications services. We feel that the best outcomes for Benzie County are constructed and made available by individuals and businesses working together. As a community-partner we feel that it is in our County’s best interest to develop from within our own ability to address the lack of access to services and technology versus bringing in external or distant contractors whose interests lie elsewhere. Additionally, our expansions to the network will be geared towards reaching out to people instead of racing towards the population centers as is common for the large companies.

Though we are pleased to announce the completion of our plans, we are not implying that the work is done and Benzie County is good to go, far from it. There is much more work to do, we knew this from the very onset of our planing and are happy to report that there is much more on the way. Additional expansions are already planned and additional towers acquired and in waiting, as we speak the groundwork is being laid to continue expanding our broadband availability rapidly in early 2018.

We have already developed strategic plans for future expansions; from towers already acquired to survey work for construction, as we speak the groundwork is being laid to continue expanding rapidly in early 2018.

Interested in learning more or letting us know you are in need? Feel free to contact us or send a message, we will respond to you.

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22 Nov

Our Fiber Backbone is now operational!


We are very pleased to announce that our long-awaited fiber backbone in Benzie County, MI is now complete! As a locally owned WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) in Benzie County, our services focus on providing Internet access to the people in Benzie County who are lacking access to high performance broadband options. Very large areas of Benzie County are un-served (meaning no acceptable broadband options) or under-served (meaning there is one option) in terms of high performance connectivity – satellite and cellular are not considering high performance broadband. This fiber connection will serve as the backbone of our service platform, granting the performance and capacity needed to expand our services deeper into Benzie County.

Our services exceed cable internet offerings in performance, stability, consistency, up-time, customer support and flexibility with no contracts and no data limits and set prices. Though performance is important, our connections are installed by credentialed and experienced technicians, and our customer support is is vastly superior to that which people receive for cable or DSL connections. As a member of our community, our investment into communications and technology in Benzie County is iron-clad.

We will be releasing new service offerings, and providing performance options that are not available through any other provider in our region. We have big plans for 2018, our expansions will be swift and numerous as we seek to continue developing communications infrastructure in Benzie County, and responding to the needs of our community. Additional fiber connections are in the works as well as large integration projects with our partners in Benzie County.

We provide a large variety of services!

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Please join us on Facebook and stay tuned!

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