Free Standard Internet Installation

Now through the end of February, Eclipse is offering free standard installations ($195 Value!) to serviceable customers in Bear Lake & Thompsonville. Click the signup button anywhere on this page to schedule a free site survey!

Definition of “Standard Installation” is located below. 
10Mb Download
10Mb Upload
No Contracts!
No Data Limits!
16Mb Download
16Mb Upload
No Contracts!
No Data Limits!
25Mb Download
25Mb Upload
No Contracts!
No Data Limits!
50Mb Download
50Mb Upload
No Contracts!
No Data Limits!
Connection Assurance
Supplemental Add-On
Lifetime Router Warranty
Over Phone Troubleshooting

What speed do I need?

You should consider how many people will use the connection and what you will use it for. If your needs do not include streaming movies or TV shows, you can go with a lower speed plan. If you plan on watching movies, you should consider a faster speed plan.

Is this Satellite or Cellular?

Not even remotely close, our services are provided to you with wireless technology engineered for Internet service without compromise. Our services are vastly superior to all satellite and cellular (LTE) connections.

Net Neutrality?

We felt it was important to mention Net Neutrality here. Unlike the larger ISPs, we WILL NOT slow down or otherwise tamper with your data traffic in any way. This applies to our operations both now, and permanently in the future.

Our Three Step Installation Process

We make getting internet you’ll love easy.

  1. Schedule a Site Survey: Call or fill out our online form to get a free site survey. We come to your location and see if we can get a signal from one of our towers and figure out the best way to install your internet if you’re serviceable. We don’t need to go inside so you don’t need to be there for us to survey, but there is not problem if you want to be there.
  2. Get The Results: We get the results from the survey and call to let you know if your location is serviceable. If it is, we schedule an installation time and give you an estimate on price and information on speed plans.
  3. Get Installed: We do need you to be present on the day of installation. You can tell us what your preferences are for the location of your router and what you want your WIFI’s name and password to be. The installation process can take anywhere from two to three hours. Once it is complete we test your connection to make sure everything is working properly.



Installation Costs

Eclipse Communications standard installation includes an antenna, labor, and 75 ft. of cable (a $195 value!). Some installs require more equipment or materials. Anything required to complete your installation beyond what is included in a standard installation will be charged for. If a non-standard install is required $195 will be discounted from the total bill.


Standard Installation

$195One-Time Cost

Non-Standard Installation

$245One-Time Cost

Custom/Project Installation

VariableOne-Time Cost

Wireless Router - $75

It is extremely common to have a wireless router, unless you have just one desktop or laptop computer. If you purchase your own we will install and configure it for you at no cost.

Advanced Setup

We are an ISP, but we are also an IT Company, and provide many options to our customers. We install surveillance systems, integrated access controls, and in-home network cabling to name a few. Feel free to inquire about options as we install your new internet service.

Included for free

We will configure up to five (5) of your devices i.e. laptops, smartphones, gaming platforms to your network for free.

"Eclipse Communications has been an incredible partner for our internet and technology needs. They are incredibly responsive when needed, professional at every level and always have the best interest of our business in mind. I cannot give a higher reference for Eclipse Communications."

- Rick Schmitt






Free Site Surveys
All proposed installations are surveyed and tested beforehand, we do not make assumptions or guesses as to how the equipment should be installed or how the connection will perform.

Aesthetic Installation
We strive to install our dishes and equipment in as aesthetically pleasing manner as possible. We will work with you to ensure your concerns are understood and met during installation.


Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page.


Give us a call, we love talking about our services.