High-Speed Internet

Eclipse Communications provides internet service plans designed for different uses, covering basic usage such as web surfing through higher demand needs such as streaming movies. Eclipse provides internet you can count on.

10Mb Download
10Mb Upload
No Contracts!
No Data Limits!
16Mb Download
16Mb Upload
No Contracts!
No Data Limits!
25Mb Download
25Mb Upload
No Contracts!
No Data Limits!
50Mb Download
50Mb Upload
No Contracts!
No Data Limits!
Connection Assurance
Supplemental Add-On
Lifetime Router Warranty
Over Phone Troubleshooting

Almost No Lag

Our internet is great for gaming and streaming. We designed our network to move data fast. You need fast data to game and stream without lagging or buffering. Our internet will be better than any satellite and cellular internet options you have used before.

Weather Resistant

Our services are provided to you with wireless technology engineered for Internet service without compromise. That means you won’t lose internet just because it is cloudy. Unlike satellite and cellular (LTE) connections, our internet isn’t afraid of a little weather.

No Data Limit

Unlike some other companies that only let you stream so many gigs of data a month, our internet is truly unlimited. No caps, no throttling down your speed. You get your true speed all month long.

Installation Costs

There  are a variety of factors that we take into account during installation of our internet connections. Some installations are straight-forward others require more powerful equipment or a higher mount point. Variables such as distance to tower, elevation differences, and presence of trees play a very important role in how our systems are installed. We provide a free site-survey to find out what the requirements are and to give you an idea of cost ahead of time.

Wireless Router - $75

It is extremely common to have a wireless router, unless you have just one desktop or laptop computer. If you purchase your own we will install and configure it for you at no cost.

Advanced Setup

We are an ISP, but we are also an IT Company, and provide many options to our customers. We install surveillance systems, integrated access controls, and in-home network cabling to name a few. Feel free to inquire about options as we install your new internet service.

Included for free

We will configure up to five (5) of your devices i.e. laptops, smartphones, gaming platforms to your network for free. Also included is basic computer cleanup for up to two (2) desktops or laptops for free.

"Eclipse Communications is a true example of the type of business that everyone wants to work with: accountable and responsible, with a superior work ethic and a high degree of integrity and technical experience"

- Mr. Stone






Free Site Surveys
All proposed installations are surveyed and tested beforehand, we do not make assumptions or guesses as to how the equipment should be installed or how the connection will perform.

Aesthetic Installation
We strive to install our dishes and equipment in as aesthetically pleasing manner as possible. We will work with you to ensure your concerns are understood and met during installation.


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