Common Questions

Common questions and associated answers are grouped below, if you find your questions is not answered or the answer is inadequate please feel free to call us.

Yes, and we are not talking the big carriers version of “unlimited”. With Eclipse Communications, you will never pay a fee for usage of the connection, nor will you incur any other form of penalty.

We do not need to, nor do we want to lock you into a contract. Our level of personal accountability to you is built upon a foundation of well-installed systems with superior technical and customer support.

You sure can, our connections have low latency (ping) times and support all gaming consoles and computers.

Yes, all hardware and software based platforms are supported. Please keep in mind plan selection, it is important to choose the right plan to accommodate the requirements of streaming an HD movie or TV show.

A good question, there is a large distinction between Eclipse Communications and a national company. Our installations are customized for your requirements, we invest labor and resources in ensuring our connection works as designed and is resilient to problems. We spend larger amounts of time onsite installing your system and use premium equipment, installed by educated, credentialed and experienced professionals. Additionally, we are not a taxpayer-funded or taxpayer-subsidized company.

Yes, the monthly price you see on the website is the actual price. There are no hidden fees nor is there a hidden fee for usage. The price is set and will not change.

Yes, we can. We specialize in wireless distribution systems, as an IT consulting company we have all of the expertise and equipment in house to expand your network in a cost-effective manner.

Eclipse Communications is a locally owned and operated company located in Benzie County, Michigan.

We provide service on a monthly basis, and support parking your connection at no cost for periods of time longer than one month. There is a fee to re-enable the connection of $30.00 per instance that covers the technical and administrative overhead. The fee is the same for any period of time the connection is parked.

Yes and no, but only because we focus on providing other services, we are primarily an IT consulting company and WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider). Our consumer services are popular because your computer problems are reviewed and addressed by educated and trained individuals who are credentialed within the realm of Information Technology. This level of expertise is not required to fix a computer, but it certainly implies a higher quality level and attention to detail.

It is our prime objective to ensure that your problems are addressed quickly and efficiently, there are many talented individuals in NW Michigan with whom we can refer to as well.

We mention consulting within our consumer service lineup as our consumer services are designed with commercial and enterprise (meaning higher than commercial) experience, we do this purposely. The knowledge and expertise we use to provide commercial consulting services can be used in the consumer world, resulting in powerful and efficient responses to your problems.

It is an uncommon word to use when describing a service in the consumer market, we will admit that. However we are an uncommon company in the consumer market and we make it a point to emphasize that. Enterprise is a categorical word used in larger business realms, describing an engineering approach, discipline and computer science to address problems. That is where we operate, and serves as the source as to how we conduct our services.