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Eclipse Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH)

Brought to your community from within your community, an elite team continues to conduct a master-class in professional conduct and traditional hard work.


Please  check back from time to time as we will post updates on project statuses when available. The Eclipse Fiber Network is not single project, but a continuum of projects culminating in an ever-expanding fiber network; signifying our commitment to planning and installing permanent high-end communications infrastructure.

FIber to the home, business, everyone.

For years, Eclipse Communications has worked diligently to expand broadband internet service in NW Michigan. Together, with our partners, we step boldly forward to answer the call as we begin construction of Northern Michigan’s fastest fiber optic network.

Eclipse Fiber

Beyond gigabit

The Eclipse Fiber Network will utilize the latest fiber optic technology.


From initial planning to deployment, all fiber projects are conducted solely by Eclipse.


Customized and installed by dedicated professionals, no one-size-fits-all.

Are you interested?

Stand and be counted. Let us know if you are interested and would like to be contacted when a construction project is scheduled in your area.

Success through empowerment

Eclipse Communications measures success not on growth percentage, or salesmanship; We measure success by how well we empower those around us, designing our services to drive local economic growth, enabling access to education and healthcare, and partnering with our communities to the mutual benefit of all. Our tremendous growth reaches skyward as deeply as we endear ourselves to our community. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Fiber is vastly superior to all other forms of data communication in terms of reliability, bandwidth, latency and scalability. Inherently more robust than traditional copper-based systems, fiber is impervious to EM and electrical interference, severe weather conditions, and capable of transmitting at longer distances.

Fiber construction projects are time consuming; timelines for availability in any given area are not available yet. Much like a water distribution system, the larger primary pipes and main water handling pumps/equipment must exist first before a client-connection is made to the system.

Following the completion of the initial construction projects, Eclipse will continue to expand the coverage area through construction of primary network segments while simultaneously installing connections to the system.

Eclipse Communications will use several different methods of contact to let you know of an impending construction project, or when service is available.

Information regarding installation of fiber internet service, including costs and speed will be made available after Eclipse achieves certain milestones with initial construction projects.

Eclipse has and will continue to submit grant applications to acquire funding designated for fiber construction projects, both privately and under the auspices of the public-private partnership with Benzie County.