02 Dec

Crystal Lake Township Broadband Expansion!


Eclipse Communications is pleased to announce the expansion of our wireless broadband services to Crystal Lake Township. We would like to extend our appreciation to those who supported us over the last year as we worked with the Frankfort Airport Authority to bring this expansion into reality. We would like to thank the Airport Authority and the Graves family for the opportunity to use the tower in support of our efforts to develop broadband infrastructure in Benzie County.

This new tower provides us coverage in areas of Benzie County that are difficult to reach, also well as new opportunities to work with local area organizations and residents who have expressed interest in working with us. We will be able to reach large portions of unserved and under-served rural Benzie County, provide competitive broadband options for people who already have broadband such as cable internet, and provide advanced services not available by any other internet provider in NW Michigan. Many of these new opportunities have been in the works in parallel to the expansion project.

We will further develop this expansion by adding additional equipment to the tower as work progresses in the area. We generally install a standard loadout of equipment on a tower, and afterwards refine the tower as we spend time in the area around the tower. Essentially, we customize a tower specifically for each area in order to provide the most comprehensive coverage possible.

We would like to thank Matt Johnson and his company, Lakeshore Electric, for the fantastic electrical work performed under our demanding schedule. It is appreciated!

Eclipse Communications is dedicated to the continued and sustained development of communications infrastructure in Benzie County and we look forward to working with Benzie County, our local townships and local business development organizations.

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*Eclipse Communications is a locally owned and operated WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider), IT consulting, and Managed IT Services company located in Benzonia, MI.



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