As a provider of a range of commercial and enterprise class IT services, Eclipse Communications has experience and knowledge not readily available to our competition. The result is high quality consumer consulting provided at cost-effective rates.

Spyware / Virus Removal

Spyware and viruses seek to destroy your operating environment, pilfer your data, and attempt to trick you into purchasing services you do not need. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable technicians are educated and specifically trained to maintain your data security while correcting the problem.

Data Recovery

While your computer is replaceable, your data unfortunately, is not. There are times when a virus or hardware failure can cause your data to become hard to reach or even unreachable. Our technicians use advanced techniques combined with extensive experience to recover your data or operating environment.

Hardware Diagnostics / Upgrades

Often times an issue needs to be diagnosed before it can be repaired. Are you experiencing a sporadic problem you cannot put your finger on? Let us troubleshoot your hardware and develop a plan of action to remedy it. Many times a failing piece of hardware can be replaced with an upgraded component. Upgrades in and of themselves are a great means to breathing new life into your computer.

High Performance Wi-Fi

We design and deploy very high performance wireless systems for a variety of companies and institutions, this very same equipment and expertise also goes into build wireless systems for you home. These are far superior to even the best wireless routers on the market – on top of that, our solutions are cost-effective. Have a large house or simply want the best performance wireless setup? Look no further than Eclipse Communications.

Expert Support Plans

The vast majority of service providers simply want to correct your immediate issue and send you on your way. We take a broader view, and look to support your operating environment beyond simply fixing superficial problems. Our Expert Support plan provides managed-equipment services, providing equipment warranties and free technical support for your problems.

Convenience Support Options

We provide in-home support as well as remote connection options resulting in faster response times as well as working around conflicts with your schedule. Many times we can diagnose and repair issues remotely, saving the need to disconnect and bring your computer in. This also reinforces the need to bring a computer in as some issues can be diagnosed but not repaired remotely.