Eclipse Communications provides a principled approach to providing commercial and enterprise IT consulting services, it is our prime objective to align IT with your businesses operations – it is in this atmosphere that your business is operating at it optimal potential. The proper and meaningful alignment of IT with business lowers the cost of doing business, empowers your employees as well as processes and procedures and creates trust in technology – driving adoption and innovation. All of our services are geared towards improving your relationship with technology, this idealistic approach signifies a broad comprehensive approach to all that we do.

Managed IT

Our various IT consulting services can be provided on an as-needed basis, or in a more proactive-format called “Managed IT”. In a Managed IT environment, your company is working in an inclusive strategic arrangement with an IT consulting company, this is akin to having your own IT department. This relationship can be as rigid or flexible as needed, providing immediate access to IT expertise and knowledge. We also provide co-managed IT services, whereas we complement your existing IT department or IT infrastructure and work to develop your business processes and internal personnel.

  • Managed and Co-Managed options
  • Strategic growth partnerships
  • Full IT department capability

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Network Services

At Eclipse Communications, we gear our network services with an experience-driven service delivery approach – emphasizing the importance of industry-proven methodology but always seeking to couple it with innovation. The unification of communication platforms, systems virtualization, remote-connectivity options, and cloud computing options are changing the way companies interact with their employees, partners, and customers. For many organizations, a steadfast approach to network design, support and remediation is an important driver in controlling costs while remaining ahead of the curve in promoting synergy between systems and more importantly the people operating the systems.

  •  Network Topology Design
  •  Network Analysis and Discovery
  • Assessment and standardization

Systems Services

We offer a variety of systems management and systems development services such as: providing external objective advice and recommendations, project management and support and implementation and infrastructure deployment. We seek to craft our solutions as your partner, always emphasizing the importance of alignment between your business goals and process and IT technologies and processes. Our process follows the natural business condition, with IT supported operations instead of strictly defining when and where business can excel.

  • Microsoft Domain Management Services
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Virtualized Systems Development & Management

Wireless Systems Architecture

Eclipse Communications specializes in engineered wireless distribution systems, high performance distribution arrays and point-to- point communications links. We engineer our systems based on empirical environmental data coupled with enterprise-grade hardware, installed and supported by trained and educated IT professionals with extensive industry experience. Our systems, whether small or large are designed to provide high performance, high stability connectivity without compromise while still being cost-effective. Our expertise and experience underpins all of our systems, we provide a variety of support levels to operate your network for you or hand it off to your IT department or desired IT support entity.

  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Wireless Systems Engineering
  • Design and Installation