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Our business VoIP services plans allow your business to take, receive, and direct calls like never before. With a nearly endless list of customizable features, we can tailor your VoIP service to exactly what your business needs to thrive. Unsure of what options are relevant for your company and style of business? Want to avoid a pushy salesperson or costs associated with unneeded features? No worries, we will meet with you and discuss your needs.

Want to make spotty service and missed calls a thing of the past? Get started working with Eclipse Communications today. Call us now to get started.

Organize All your Communication

Organized communication drives more sales. Receive calls from potential customers and easily get them to the right sales staff with office to mobile extensions. Don’t leave customers waiting, get our VoIP service so you can easily return calls and turn leads into customers. However your customers are reaching out to you, we can help you manage, organize and respond to them.

  • Phone calls and voicemails
  • Live website chat
  • Facebook chat
  • Text messages
  • Video conferencing
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"Eclipse Communications has been an incredible partner for our internet and technology needs. They are incredibly responsive when needed, professional at every level and always have the best interest of our business in mind. I cannot give a higher reference for Eclipse Communications. "

- Rick Schmitt

Connect Your Team

If you have staff working remotely, getting our VoIP service will make your team’s communication flow much smoother. Getting our VoIP service can easily connect remote staff with on-site staff seamlessly. Your remote staff can get calls and forwards directly to their mobile phone through our VoIP service. To make it even easier our VoIP service also supports SMS messaging. If your team is struggling to stay connected while working remotely, we are the answer. Lets get started on making a VoIP system you will love today.

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Our Business VoIP Service Plans Offer

Low Monthly Cost, Plans start at $29.95 Monthly.



Here is a list of all the services & features we offer.

  • Virtual switchboard
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Webinars
  • Website Chat
  • Videoconferencing
  • Call parking
  • Call queues
  • Call recording
  • Call transferring
  • Integrate SMS, Facebook, and Inner Office Chat
  • Interactive virtual receptionist
  • One extension per agent
  • Presence status
  • Ring groups
  • Smartphone app
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